Emotionen sind Luxus

22. März 2013

http://jezebel.com/5991715/literature-trends-show-that-no-one-wants-to-feel-anything-but-scared Madeleine Davies: Literature Trends Show That No One Wants to Feel Anything But Scared „Researchers also noticed a divergence between American and English literature, with the former being slightly more emotional. „We don’t know exactly what happened in the Sixties but our results show that this is the precise moment in which literary American and British English started to diverge,“ says the paper’s coauthor Professor Alex Bentley. „We can only speculate whether this was connected, for example, to the baby-boom or to the rising of counterculture…In the USA, baby boomers grew up in the greatest period of economic prosperity of the century, whereas the British baby boomers grew up in a post-war recovery period so perhaps ‚emotionalism‘ was a luxury of economic growth.“ Way to show your baby boomer privilege, yanks. The study points out that a decrease in emotive language in literature does not necessarily equal out to a decrease in the emotional depths of the people who read it. I might push this even further and say that a lack of emotional language in a book doesn’t mean that the work is in itself emotionless. Perhaps, seeing as we’ve become such a visual culture with so many available reference points, people have just become better at filling in the emotional blanks.“ Über Google Keep geteilt